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Japanese Barberry | Best Sales of Japanese Barberry in 2019

Barberry plants belong to the Berberidaceae family, native to the temperate and subtropical regions, and include a large group of evergreen or fossil plants, which has 5-1 meters height. Japanese barberry,  Among these various species, these plants are with name of B. vulgaris and B.thunbergii; Used as  ornamental plants, they are using more than the other specimens , due to the color of the leaves during the autumn. Some types of barberry plants have razor blades along their branches or even at the margins of their leaves, and the blades on the stem can be 30-3 mm in length. Barberry leaves are 10 to 1 cm long. The flowers of the barberry are yellow or orange and have a diameter of 6-3 mm with six petals and six pancakes.

Japanese Barberry | Best Sales of Japanese Barberry in 2019

Barberries Substitute in Japan

Barberries Substitute in Japan Ornamental barberry is native to Japan and the temperate points of the northern hemisphere, and in Iran in areas like Khorasan, around Tehran, you go to parts of Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Kerman, as well as Karaj and Chalous. These plants prefer to be in a sunny place and are resistant to frost and withstand temperatures of up to 15 ° C. Suitable soil for this limestone plant is light or loamy. Barberry irrigation period is typically 10-12 days, and this time varies depending on the type of soil and weather conditions. The pruning of this plant is usually carried out in the months of November to February, and most of it consists of cutting out the dried branches of the plant. barberries substitute , This plant is an ornamental plant and it can not be used for food or for industrial use. Today, in most countries of the world, this plant is used to beautify urban spaces and parks. Since ornamental plants have a high diversity of varieties, we can use different kinds of plants as an alternative to Japanese barberry.

Japenese Barberry Sellers in the World

Japenese Barberry Sellers in the World This is the native barberry of Japan, but in most parts of the world and the eastern part of the United States, you go wild and use it in the ornamentation of gardens.Its height is 100 to 120 centimeters. For autumn foliage, velvet flowers and bright red cabbage are grown in autumn and winter. Nowadays , this plant is found all over the world and as it was said it uses to beautify parks , green spaces and roads. This plant grows in Iran and United States of America , even in this countries you can find this plant’s saplings or spore. You can buy its seed or even saplings from this countries  then using the appropriate methods you can plant this tree in your yard.

Japenese Barberries Recipe

Japenese Barberries Recipe The plant is divided into two granular and non-grained species: grated barberry is grown more ornamental, but its grainy type is commercially important. Japanese Barberry Shallotropic shrub length of 1 to 5 meters. Its wood is red, brown or yellow. Barberries recipe , As mentioned above , this plant usually uses for ornamental uses. It is very heavy in dehydration. Barberry leaf is ovoid and has a spear like head. The fruits of this type of barberry are blossom and cluster, which is very beautifully hanging from the branch that first green and at least yellow, and when it fully reaches, it is red. It’s not very sensitive to soil types, but it’s a bit of acidic pH.

Barberry Medicinal Uses in Japanese Medical

Barberry Medicinal Uses in Japanese Medical Barberry is one of the fruits used in most countries in ancient times especially in Japan , and in traditional medicine of most countries barberry properties is mentioned. Barberry medicinal uses , One of the best compounds in  barberry is vitamin B , That it can improve neurological and even aggressive effects. The most important barberry effect is vitamin C, which can increase body resistance to diseases, especially infections and colds. Japanese medicine experts have recommended barberry consumption to women who are close to menopause and those who have uterine disorders. Blueberries activate the calcium channel in the heart and help with heart rhythm correction to improve heart failure. Barberry extract affects the growth of breast and lung cancer cells. This extract can kill cancer cells and the antioxidant properties of barberry can also play an important role in killing cancerous cells and protecting normal cells.

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