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Japanese Barberry | Best Sales of Japanese Barberry in 2019

Barberry plants belong to the Berberidaceae family, native to the temperate and subtropical regions, and include a large group of evergreen or fossil plants, which has 5-1 meters height. Japanese barberry,  Among these various species, these plants are with name of B. vulgaris and B.thunbergii; Used as  ornamental plants, they are using more than the other specimens , due to the color of the leaves during the autumn. Some types of barberry plants have razor blades along their branches or even at the margins of their leaves, and the blades on the stem can be 30-3 mm in length. Barberry leaves are 10 to 1 cm long. The flowers of the barberry are yellow or orange and have a diameter of 6-3 mm with six petals and six pancakes.

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