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Barberry Exporters | How to Export Barberry with Highest Profits?

Barberry Exporters offer this persian fruit in good price. Zakaria Razi, the great scientist of Iran, is the first scientist to study the medicinal and nutritional properties of barberry. Which has had the properties of barberry fruit more than a thousand years ago. Barberry is cold and dry in terms of traditional Iranian medicine. And its fruit consumption is used to reduce mucosal secretions.This material is also found in the root of the barberry plant. In the buds and roots of barberry, there is a kind of sugar and golden substances, mucilages and pectic materials. And on the skin of the root there is the alkaloid plant called oxyacetin, verbamine and palmatene. and in the fruit of that sugar. Also in the fruit of malic acid barberry, there are pectin and gum materials. Barberry juice is anti-diarrhea, bile, infectious anemia, bile ducts and rheumatism. barberries acne masks can be used to remove acne.

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