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Ber Fruit Benefits| Major buyers of ber fruit in Europe

Jujube or ber, if you remember, is a sweet and tart fruit. This magic fruit is filled with extraordinary health benefits. You can literally gorge on this healthy snack option to satisfy your sweet cravings.
The arrival of this fruit also marks the beginning of spring in India. Jujube is widely grown in South Asia. In addition, the appearance of jujube resembles that of palm dates. That’s why it’s often called red dates, Chinese dates, Korean dates, Indian dates around the world.

Ber Fruit Benefits have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and contain vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and pectin. Ber fruits are also rich in flavonoids and bioflavonoids, essential for the absorption of vitamin C, and help to stimulate digestion, promote circulation and prevent allergies.

Ber Fruit Benefits| Major buyers of ber fruit in Europe

Is it good to eat dried ber fruit in pregnancy?

Is it good to eat dried ber fruit in pregnancy?dried jujube nutrition is especially important during pregnancy, as the right nutrients can help the fetus to develop and grow as it should.

In addition to supporting the growing baby, an increased intake of vitamins and minerals can help a pregnant woman keep her body in the best possible conditions.

Eating lots of fruits as jujube fruit in pregnancy can help ensure the health of the woman and baby. Fresh fruits contain many vitamins and essential nutrients and are also a good source of fiber.

Top 5 ber fruit suppliers in Asia

Top 5 ber fruit suppliers in AsiaFor the first time, many countries showcased their exotic fruit offering in Asia at Fruit Logistic, the only international fair held each year on fresh fruits and vegetables from the Asian market.
They support the expansion of the industry through internationalization and exhibit their products at Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong Exhibition Center, where the event ran until September 5th.
The company was among the products on offer: Ber Fruit
China, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore: In the Asian market, export opportunities have been identified.
The global trend favors the supply of TROPIC KIT, as the consumption of these products, fresh and processed, is linked to problems of health, convenience, organic products, ethnic and fair trade.

What is the side effects of eating dried ber fruit?

What is the side effects of eating dried ber fruit?jujube fruit benefits side effects was used to cure insomnia. This fruit helps to induce sleep by soothing your nerves. It helps treat anxiety and acts as a natural inducer of sleep by relaxing the mind and body.
Rich in fiber and carbohydrates, jujèbes are an excellent source of energy, which helps boost your metabolism and keep you in daily life. If you are a person with chronic gastrointestinal problems, nibbling can give you long-term relief.
Dried jujubes are a good source of calcium, phosphorus, which helps in the development and maintenance of bone density. If you are a person with arthritis, then ber can be a good choice of fruit.

These berries are filled with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and zinc. A combination of these minerals is necessary to maintain good heart health. Iron helps to improve hemoglobin levels, which prevents anemia. These minerals play an important role in regulating blood flow in the body.

How to become a professional ber fruit trader?

How to become a professional ber fruit trader?Ber fruit Traders usually divide bulk purchases into smaller containers and set the price of smaller quantities for resale. Study which competitors are selling the products before choosing the right price to bill customers.
Build a product delivery service. Offer a box of products at a constant price on a weekly basis and sell it to busy families and singles. For example, design content by choosing two fruits and four vegetables each week and applying a fixed price, such as $ 15 per box. Use a website to take orders and list the content of the products of the week. Advertise in newsletters of schools, churches and local organizations and in local newspapers.
Participate in community events. Your business will thrive when you become a local expert or highly visible trader by participating in and supporting local events. Organize short seminars on organic farming, nutrition or the value of green living in libraries, schools or local events. Increase visibility by sponsoring local fundraisers for causes you believe in – sponsors usually receive publicity in return.

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