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Barberry Growing In Iran | Which Climate In Iran Is Good For Growth?

Barbery, a source of taste for food across the world, can be used for many reasons. Barberry is a bush native to europe, asia and north africa. It’s leaves are usually green, and it has red fruits called barberry. Barberry growing in Iran is not something new and has been known for a long time, but it is still developing. Some parts of the county are better for this purpose because of different weather conditions and climate. Iran has good potential for barberry growing, because barberry bushes demand dry weather and most of the country is dry almost all the year. There are 3 main types of barberry in iran:

  • Exotic barberry
  • organic barberry
  • First grade barberry

Barberry Growing In Iran | Which Climate In Iran Is Good For Growth?

Which city in Iran produces more barberry?

Two kinds of barberry can be found in Iran, with or without seeds. They both can be used, but for different intentions. The variety with seed can be found in khorasan, Isfahan, Azerbaijan and karaj. The one without seed can be found in khorasan mostly, but it can also be found in Isfahan and Kashan. So barberry growing is a wide trade in Iran and it can take place at almost everywhere. Farmers are getting more and more attracted to barberry as it is more beneficial and takes less energy and effort compared with other plants and bushes.

Barberry Growing In Iran | Which Climate In Iran Is Good For Growth?

why barberry growing in iran is Productive?

Agriculture plays an important role in economy and as barberry bushes are not very sensitive, barberry growing is a beneficial career in Iran. Due to geographical situation, Iran is mostly a dry country. Compared with wheat, barberry demands less water to grow and is stronger against difficulties. It grows in places where the soil contains more sand and because of this Iran is capable of producing great amount of barberry and all of these make growing barberry in Iran productive. Barberry can be traded and exported too, which makes it a far better deal than other options. Some countries like “Germany”,”Canada”,”Australia” and “kuwait” are great customers for barberry, considering the money they pay for it every year.

Barberry Growing In Iran | Which Climate In Iran Is Good For Growth?

How popular is barberry in Iran?

Iranian people love tasty food and barberries recipe play an undeniable role in Iranian culture and there is nothing known as barberries substitute for Iranian cooks, as it’s taste is unique. Also the barberries benefits are well known to all of us. Barberry can be used to make jam and jelly. Almost every traditional meal in Iran contains barberry as an essential part, both for the color of it and the special taste it gives to the food. It also has a long history as a folk remedy for digestive disorders including constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia and many other. It was recommended to treat skin conditions eczema, psoriasis and acne. They’re also rich in antioxidants , may help manage conditions like diabetes and fight dental infections. 3 types of barberry have different popularity and demand rate:

Exotic barberry: this product is the most delightful type of barberry in Iran and has a booming export abroad to asian and European countries.

First grade: it offers lower quality compared with the one mentioned above but is cheaper and has it’s own customers.

Organic barberry: an organic product with both good quality and good price, good for exporting and using inside the country.

Barberry Growing In Iran | Which Climate In Iran Is Good For Growth?

How fast do barberry bushes grow?

As barberry bushes do not need special conditions, they usually grow fast. Their leaves fall in winter and the growth stops, but they have a ratter fast growth rate through the year which makes barberry growing a trade with fast feedback. There are several ways of getting new bushes but all of them are efficient, although there is a little difference in growth rate. If the ideal temperature and watering is applied, it can grow up to 6 meters, but naturally the average height is 1-3 metera.

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