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Barberry Export Suppliers | Best Exporter Country

Barberry is a evergreen and broad-leaved tree with oval-shaped red fruits. Barberry is well-known for over 200 years. It is a toxin that has excellent medicinal properties and helps to fight several diseases. Barberry is a large genus of
deciduous and evergreen shrubs from 1–5 m tall, found throughout
temperate and subtropical regions of the world. Species diversity is
greatest in South America and Asia; Europe, Africa and North America
have native species as well.You can eat barberry orally and also treat a number of health problems.

Barberry is a rich source of vitamin C. Barberry also contains vitamin B, such as thiamine and minerals such as zinc.
In barberry there are elements that have a lot of drugs. It is a chemical as an antibiotic to kill bacteria, fungi and protozoa.
The fruit, stem and root of the barberry contain chemicals such as alkaloids and isoquinolin that are effective in treating various diseases.

Barberry helps reduce inflammation. In fact, inflammation is the root of some infectious diseases, and the treatment of these inflammations can lead to somewhat tolerable symptoms. Studies have shown that barberry contains some antibacterial and antifungal agents. This makes it a great solution to fight infect.

Considering the remarkable properties of barberry persuaded many suppliers and exporters to pay attention to this valuable product. Today, barberry export suppliers have widely extended their commercial activities to be pioneered in this competitive race.


Barberry Export Suppliers | Best Exporter Country

Barberry Producing Companies in 2019

Gray barber type is a fruit and carrot shade in most mountainous regions of Iran, and since it is a natural component of the mountainous ecosystem, it produces a lot of fruit even in difficult and unfavorable conditions.

There are limited countries that have suitable and good barberry to export. Besides the Barberries India Exporters, Iranian companies and exporters are significantly engaged in barberry supplying, producing and exporting.

Which Countries Have More Barberry Export Suppliers?

Iranian seedless barberry or zereshk (Berberis integerrima ‘Bidaneh’,
Berberidaceae) has long been cultivated for its fruit in South Khorasan,
Iran. There are more than 11,000 production producing more
than 9200 tonnes of dried fruit, annually. All orchards are established
from sucker propagation but graftage should be possible. Barberry is
cold hardy and drought tolerant. However, water deficits during fruit
set, growth, and maturation cause yield reduction. Shrubs should be
planted 2m x 3 m apart. Those trained to multiple-trunk system
facilitate harvest. Biennial bearing is a problem and sometimes no fruit
is harvested in the off year. The small fruits are harvested in the
autumn and sun drying is a satisfactory system. Barberry plant and its
fruit have been used in traditional medicine. They are well documented
for their anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and antimicrobial activities with
berberine as the main active constituent. The shrub has also ornamental
uses in the landscape and the fruit is used as food additive. In
addition, anthocyanin of the fruit is useful as a natural coloring agent
in food industries. However, Barberry species are alternate hosts for
rust fungi (Puccinia spp.) and must be avoided in wheat growing areas.
For this reason, they have been outlawed in some countries.

Barberry Export Suppliers | Best Exporter Country

Where to find Cheapest Barberry Exporters?

Although there are some countries that export barberry, not all of them are presenting good and suitable products. Among these countries, Iranian barberry is usually more famous and popular than the others. It also provides barberry with suitable prices in comparison with other exporters. In Iran, barberry is a unique species and is different from other species. Mostly cultivated in the South Khorasan or Quhistan region. Ziyang Qain is the main center of its production. Iranian barberry cluster is first yellow and then sour, and when it arrives, it turns red, and comes in the dark.

Barberry Export Suppliers | Best Exporter Country

Wholesale Prices of Barberry in Different Countries

Similar to other products, the prices will be dramatically lower in case of wholesaling. Depending on quality of barberry and its taste and size in any country, the prices will be different. In general, Iranian barberry is more popular and famous. Thus, it is recommended to supply Iranian barberry, if you are looking for a good one. To know the price, it easy to find the barberry suppliers and exporters.

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