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Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits | Global Barberry Usage & Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits

Barberry fruit is red and sour. It is cultivated in different parts of the world. It is used for different purposes like flavoring foods. It can be added to many foods like rice and some watery foods. Barberry dried fruit benefits are a lot. It is good for many health issues. The roots and leaves are also useful. Barberry medicinal uses goes back to two hundred years ago.

However, with modern laboratories new benefits of barberry is known to people in the whole world. It is a unique fruit for detoxification of body. It is also very good for soothing human body. There are also many other benefits that day by day people recognize and, therefore, use in their foods a lot.


Barberry Dried Fruits Exports from Producing Countries

As mentioned above there are many parts of the world that produce barberry. Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America are places that can cultivate barberry. However, Asia is the main place and Iran in Asia is the main country of production. Iran alone produces more than eighty percents of barberry of the total world’s production.

Iran itself is a great consumer of different barberry productions. Iranian foods use barberry a lot. It is especially delicious in Zereshk Polo which is made by rice, barberry and chicken. Barberry is mostly used because of its delicious taste, and most people do not know much about its benefits. There is another interesting usage of barberry. The pigments in the wood and peeling of barberry tree is used for dying leather and cotton.

Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits |  Global Barberry Usage & Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits

Iranian Barberry Suppliers in the world

Iran is the biggest supplier of barberry in the world. In Iran Khorasan province is producing the most barberry products. And in Khorasan, Qaenat city has the most lands with barberry. Other cities of Iran which have the similar climate conditions has started to produce barberry. Barberry is sold both in retail shops and wholesalers.

Every year many tourist visit KHorasan province, especially Mash’had city and buy a noticeable amount of barberry in retail shops. Wholesalers distribute barberry in the country. A big amount of barberry is also exported to foreign countries both in Asia and outside Asia. Since Iranian barberry has the highest quality many countries import barberry only from Iran.

Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits |  Global Barberry Usage & Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits

Most famous Barberry dried Fruit Brands in Iran

Famous brands of barberry are usually from Khorasan province where barberry is mostly cultivated, and in Tehran the capital city of Iran. The famous brands have big factories with modern packing machines. The production process in packing factories is very hygienic and standard. Exporting barberry has helped the farmers in many ways.

The reason for this fact is that they produce more barberry and sell more of it and gain more money. Exporting this product has also made them to produce barberry with higher quality. That is because importing countries are very sensitive because they pay a lot of money for it. The government is also helping them in many ways. Barberry’s medical usage is into focus more than before and more people in the world are buying barberry.

Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits |  Global Barberry Usage & Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits

Barberry Dried Fruits Benefits

barberry dried fruits benefits are enormous. barberries acne effect is somehow magical. Barberry is full of Vitamin C and it is a great antibiotic for human body. Some barberry benefits are mentioned below:

  • barberry is great for inflammation and infection
  • barberry is used to cure sore throat and cold
  • barberry cures diarrhea caused naturally by bacteria
  • barberry has fiber and is great for food digestion
  • barberry cures food poisoned bodies
  • barberry keeps blood sugar in a low level
  • barberry has antioxidant and is great for body’s immune system
  • barberry helps with blood pressure

Other than the mentioned benefits above there are many more benefits that are proved for both people and scientists. That is why barberry is very popular among people.

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